Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poop On Me?

Bearded dragons may pee on you due to a range of reasons, with the most frequent being that they’re either happy with you, or they’re nervous around you.

Both of these are contradictory motives that differ based on the length of time you’ve spent with your dragon, as well as their specific behaviors.

Many dragons will tell you that they’re about to pee and they will usually go to the toilet at regular intervals if they are you follow a regular eating routine. The best method to avoid accidental accidents is to maintain an eating routine.

Find out how to figure out why the dragon is constantly pooping on you and ways to avoid it from happening again.

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Why is your bearded dragon pooping upon you?

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poop On Me

Fear or stress

They’re still not sure if they trust you, so they are anxious when you hold them. This reaction may be the reason you observe them becoming tense when you touch them.

Stress and anxiety can cause vomiting in every animal species, bearded dragons not excluded.

Try to limit the amount of stress on your dog by gradually introducing them to new situations.

If you are bringing a new dragon to your home, allow them to become accustomed to the environment for a few days before you attempt to control them.

Additionally, you can help them learn to accept your presence by feeding them with hand and stroking them when they’re inside their enclosure.


Contrary to what you thought, if the dragon is peeing upon you, the dragon might be extremely comfortable around you. They might appear at ease and make a bowel motion onto your lap.

It’s not the greatest sensation to smell a Puddle of poop from a bearded dragon on you however it doesn’t necessarily suggest that there’s an issue (other than the fact that you need to get it cleaned up).

If you observe that they willfully climb on your hands with no effort from you or that their belly is at peace when you touch them, then they are likely to like being around you.

Recently fed

Your dragon might have had to go to the bathroom while you were in their presence when they decided to get their work done.

Dragons with bears don’t know what or when is the right time to urinate.

In not letting the dragon relax following eating and resting, you’re opening them up for possible stomach problems because they’ve not had the opportunity to process their meal.

Note Bearded dragons generally need longer than 24 hours to digest food. Thus, any poop you see after eating may be due to stomach pains or the days preceding this meal.

It became a routine

Do you find that your dragon seems to just poop around you, but not elsewhere? If yes it’s possible that you’ve convinced them that you’re the most secure and safest location to do it.

It can happen if you don’t allow them enough time to rest after eating, or when they aren’t happy with the condition of the enclosure. Additionally, they might think that their enclosure is too small or filthy.

Most dragons have learned to avoid going through the bacteria that reside in their enclosure, which includes their own waste or leftover food (this isn’t always the case).

So, they could be able to find an area where they are comfortable enough to pee. The next place they can go could be on the owner’s shoulder.

Be sure your dragon is given enough space and a well-maintained cage at all times you can.

Are there any health concerns?

There could be health issues If you don’t properly clean the feces in a timely manner.

It is possible to contract Salmonella with symptoms that could include diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration as well as fever, and vomiting.

It’s unlikely to occur unless bacteria or feces are consumed and is a much more frequent issue for children than for adults.

If there are children playing with your bearded dragon it’s best for everyone to show them how to tidy up their mess and to be monitored throughout the day.

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What to do if your bearded dragon poops on you?

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poops On Me?

Return your dragon to the enclosure

You don’t want them to come in contact with bacteria. If they get in contact with their urine simply wash it away by using the warmest drinking water ( no soap).

It is also important for your dragon to be in an area that is safe and away from the way to allow you to tidy up the mess. This will also teach your dragon that if they vomit outside the enclosure they’ll end up within the area.

Make sure you clean up the mess immediately

The bacteria that are present in urine will not just make people sick, but it can also cause you to get sick too. Be sure to wash it off with the soap with warm water in order to wash it off your skin and any other surfaces.

You might also use one part of vinegar and one part of water to clean the surfaces where the feces got to contact.

After getting rid of the mess, you’re now safe to handle your dragon once more (unless they’re feeling sick).

If they pee on your clothing It is best to get rid of them and clean them off using vinegar and warm water if the fabric permits it.

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How to avoid getting pooped on by your beardie?

Does My Bearded Dragon Poop On Me?

Take time to relax after eating

Give them the chance to digest their food, and be careful not to touch them immediately after eating.

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Relax them under their warm lamp for a while after eating, and then wait at least two hours before taking them back.

They aren’t able to digest their food as quickly, nor do they have a bowel movement within a few days of the dinner. However, this can prevent stomach problems or unintentional stool movements.

Activity prior to a large meal

This is a great option if you’re about to feed them insects because digestion with the help of a heat lamp is crucial.

Smaller meals that include vegetables and fruits (based on the bowel movements of your dragon) are typically suitable for taking your dragon to go out with you.

Pay attention to their habits of bathroom use

It is possible that you’ll be noticing that your pet is more likely to vomit at a specific time during the week or day. Additionally, certain foods may contribute to these patterns too.

Make a plan to avoid those routines to avoid injuries. A good example is if you observe that your dragon only poos once or twice a week Plan to bathe them during the days they usually defecate.

This will establish the routine of your dragon, and train that they poop only when you’d like them.

The reason is that the water assists in generating bowel movements. So, their routine will inform them that this is the time they’re supposed to be going.

A warm bath

Repeating this frequently before handling your dragon over for prolonged periods of time could cause defecation. It also helps keep them hydrated.

Take the animals out promptly and then clean any poop that is in the water. This is best done in conjunction with following the above-mentioned suggestion.

Although certain dragons are more unstable than others, taking them for bathing after they’ve not pooped for some time can prevent any undesirable events.

It is not necessary to bathe them each time you leave them However, having a consistent schedule for bathing can avoid accidents.

In a different way, they could begin to pee in the bath.

However, placing them back inside the enclosure every time they pee and bathing them after they’ve not defecated for the past few days could help them to connect the enclosure to the bathroom space.

Identify bathroom behaviors

Some examples of these actions could include pulling their tails up and digging for an area to urinate or elevating their bodies above the surface they’re standing on.

Certain bearded dragons are known to poop in specific areas and stay clear of those areas all the time.

There are some who choose to go at certain times to go out of the enclosure to pee in.

This lets you determine when you should act swiftly by shifting them to a place easy to clean and getting rid of them when they vomit.

It is also possible to place them back in the enclosure if you have the possibility.

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It’s not a pleasant experience to be poop-pooped upon by your dragon’s beard. This unwelcome behavior could discourage you from wanting to pet them.

There are many ways to prevent these behavior patterns and possibly stop the same thing from happening again.

Be aware of their habits when it comes to bathroom use. determine when you should not hold them. Try to maintain the same eating schedule regularly.

Before you can end the behavior, it is important to determine the cause of the issue.

In the next step, you’ll need to be aware of their behavior and bathroom habits so that you can react quickly and quickly to the circumstance.

Bearded dragons may learn to poop only in their enclosures, however, it can take patience and time to get them to do so.

Ensuring that they are in the enclosure right after an accident could help in teaching them that it’s time to stop playing when they pee outside of their homes.

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