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We’ve been looking at dairy products and if hamsters can eat some of these products over the past few weeks. This is because we need to know what our hamsters can and can’t eat, this helps us look after their health so we can love them for longer! What about butter though, can hamsters eat butter? The answer is no, you really shouldn’t be giving butter to your pets at all.

In this article, we’ll be going over why you shouldn’t be giving your hamster butter. We’ll also suggest some alternatives to this dairy product. We’ll also look at various dairy substitutes, such as margarine, to see if your hamster can eat those as well.

What is Butter?

Butter is a delicious dairy product that is made from milk and cream! It is often used as a spread and is also used in baking and other cooking procedures. It is produced all over the world and is especially used in French cooking! Butter is loved in all nations though. India produces 1,470,000 metric tons every year! We all have it in the house, no wonder people are asking if hamsters can eat it.

Why can’t Hamsters eat Butter?

There are quite a few reasons why hamsters can’t eat butter. It’s a dangerous food that can really hurt your pet. This is because it is too oily, has too much-saturated fat and it doesn’t have any nutrients. This means that it is a completely unsuitable snack for your pet!

It’s too oily!

One of the key reasons why hamsters cannot eat butter is that it is so oily! You have seen butter before, as a spreadable, it has to be very oily for it to stick to whatever you are putting it in! it is greasy and just not good for your hamster! It can make their skin oily and greasy and can negatively impact their health. Stay away from it!

It has too much-saturated fat!

One of the key problems with butter is that it is full of saturated fat. This can be a serious problem for your hamster as their bodies and digestive system are extremely weak. High levels of saturated fat in your hamster’s diet can result in obesity and heart disease. Butter is fine for us humans as our bodies can handle this level of fat, however, the hamster’s body is not that strong. This is another reason why you should stay away from butter.

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It doesn’t have many nutrients!

Hamsters need food that is high in nutrients, this is because they can’t eat a lot of food. This means that the food you give them must be high in nutrients as they can’t eat much! This means that you should give them foods such as broccoli and carrots. Butter, however, has no nutrients at all. it is mostly fat and can fill space in your hamster that is meant for healthy foods!

It has been known to cause health problems

Butter has been known to cause various health problems, if eaten in large enough quantities, it can pose a serious health risk to your hamster. Butter can cause heart disease and high blood pressure in your hamster; heart disease can seriously lower your hamster’s lifespan so you need to be careful. This means that you should absolutely not feed butter to your furry friend.

It has too much salt

So, we know that hamsters can not eat butter. But I will give you one more reason just to show you how dangerous it could be. Most butter has a decent amount of salt in it, this can give your hamster horrible problems like heart disease and a reduced lifespan. Yet another reason to stay away from butter!

Alternatives to Butter.

So, hamsters cannot eat butter, but are there any alternatives to butter that you can give your hamster? Maybe you want to ensure that they have a good amount of dairy products for instance. In that case, consider giving them a tiny bit of cheese! What about butter alternatives? Let’s have a look.

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Can Hamsters eat Margarine?

Margarine is a clear alternative to butter, this can be a serious problem though for your hamster. Margarine contains all kinds of chemicals and oils that pose the same kind of problems that butter does. Therefore we don’t recommend that you feed margarine to your hamster, there are simply too many risks!

Can Hamsters eat “Spreadables”?

Spreadable is a cheap form of margarine that you can often find in supermarkets. Don’t feed this to your hamster though, the number of chemicals in this food is insane and this can result in a serious decrease in lifespan for your hamster.


So, can hamsters eat butter? No. I hope I have made it clear in this article that you should not let your hamster eat butter under any circumstances. There are four main reasons for this: it’s too oily, it has too much saturated fat, it doesn’t have many nutrients, it has been known to cause health problems, and it has too much salt in it! This means that you should not give this food to your pet. Try some delicious fruit and veg, you can find plenty of guides on this site.

Do you know any good alternatives to butter for your hamster? Let us know in the comments!

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