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Guppies are a popular and easy pet to care for. They come in many different colors and patterns, and they’re very friendly. Unfortunately, guppies can be hard to breed because they eat their own babies! This is not the case for all fish species, but it does happen with guppies. Most Common reasons Are Discussed Below Which Can Help You Why Guppies Eat Their Babies.

Do mom guppies eat their babies?

The most common reason guppies eat their own babies is because they are stressed out. Many times, when you get a new guppy it will take them about 2 weeks before the mom feels safe enough to have her young. During this time, she may have one or two stillborn babies so that when she does give birth she knows her young are strong.

When do guppies eat their babies?

Guppies may also eat their own children if the tank is too small for everyone to fit comfortably, or if there’s not enough food in the water for everyone. When this happens, they will become stressed and excited which causes them to attack their own family.

Do all guppies eat their babies?

Only the pregnant ones do it. The male in this case will just dig a pit in the soil where he places over 100 of his babies, after sex with the female. He watches over them to make sure they are safe (from predators mainly). When he senses something is wrong, like when you touch or see them, he would immediately do something to save them. He will eat the babies if there is a danger and leave only a small number of his babies so that the mother can continue caring for them.

Do male guppies eat the babies?

Many people are surprised to learn that male guppies eat their own babies. Male fish are not the only ones that eat the young, but this is rare in most other types of fish. Male guppies can produce hundreds or even thousands of fry at a time, which explains why they reproduce so easily in aquariums.

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Why do female guppies eat their babies?

if you are keeping more than one guppy in an aquarium, it is often the case that the mother will eat her babies. This is because there is a lot of competition between the mother and the others who want to breed. If you have a male guppy, it can be hard for him to get enough food from the other fish to provide for himself and his new children. This will lead to anxiety or stress, which will trigger cannibalistic tendencies in your fish.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t try protecting them, but if she wants something bad enough, she’ll eat her babies. In this situation, try not keeping more than two adult guppies in one tank because it will lead to too much rivalry between parents and the entire group may end up stressed out and disturbed as a result.”

What do female guppies do when males start eating their babies?

When a female starts to notice her fry being eaten by the male she will stop releasing eggs for him to fertilize. Even if they have mated, some females act as though mating never occurred and may resume laying another batch of eggs later on down the line if she has more than one mate.

Each male will only eat a small fraction of the spawn, so it’s important for them that they do not destroy the nest. If the male eats all of the babies that are in the nest, he could cause her to stop releasing eggs altogether.

How to Stop Guppies Eating Their Babies?

If you keep seeing babies being eaten, it often means the female is not healthy. Check she has no white patches on her skin and fins as this could be a sign of infection or disease. You should also make sure there’s plenty of food around as inadequate nutrition will affect the reproductive capabilities of your guppies.

Some people say that adding salt (about one tsp per gallon) to the aquarium is an effective way to stop guppies from eating their young. Salt can act like aspirin in some types of fish; however, it doesn’t work with all species, so make sure you do some research before adding salt to your aquarium. A safer alternative might be to add some broad-spectrum antibacterial medication instead if they are sick or has some disease.

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If the female is healthy and there’s plenty of food around, then she probably just needs more time to recover before breeding again. It is not advisable to breed guppies all year round as they are tropical fish who will breed when their surrounding environment improves in spring or summer. You could try adding a few floating plants to your tank to provide her with shelter from other fish while she waits for conditions to improve, but don’t add too many plants as you don’t want her to be able to escape! To reduce stress, turn off any filters/heating during this period and keep lighting low.


What are the reasons for guppies eating their babies?

There are a few main reasons behind this behavior. The first, and most obvious is that it can be an accident. Guppies get hungry just like humans do, and sometimes they get so hungry that they eat their own young before realizing what they’re doing.
The second is that they don’t have enough to eat. During the times of the year when the guppy young are born, there is often not enough food in the water for all of them. The weak ones are killed so that the stronger babies can live.

The last reason for this behavior exists because sometimes adult male guppies will kill off their own young (fry) after they themselves reach adulthood. This can make it impossible to breed guppies in captivity and is why many people will not buy a male guppy even if the pet store says that it’s okay to do so.

Do all fish eat their babies?

No, but this seems to be a fairly common occurrence in the majority of small fish species. Most of those who do eat young will also stop once their tankmates reach adulthood, and it is only with certain species (like guppies) that this continues to happen all throughout life.

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Since males and females can’t really be distinguished until they mature into adults, most people will simply avoid purchasing a male guppy as well as other species known to regularly eat their young.

Is there any way to stop this behavior?

Unfortunately not much can be done to stop the behavior once it’s started. The best thing that you can do is simply to avoid purchasing male guppies and instead opt for either female or genderless guppies.


Guppies are a common, small tropical fish that can be found for sale in most pet stores. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most difficult species to breed in captivity. This is due in part because when guppies become adults, the male guppies will sometimes kill the babies – even eating them.

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