Do Cats and Kittens Miss Their Siblings?

Cats and Kitten miss their siblings when they are separated at an early age. Kitten develop anxiety after they are kept alone in the new place. Young kitten often misses their mother and siblings. However, as they grow, the love for the siblings slowly fades away. They forget their family and start looking for their territory. They make their own family and stay with them.

Do cats remember their siblings?

No. Cats love to live together when they young. They enjoy the companionship with their siblings. Unlike the Dog, cats spend more time with their sibling playing around and eating together. They developed a sense of caring for each other.

However, as they grow, they are separate themselves from the family and find their path. Even at an early age, if you separate them for few days, they will forget each other.

Do cats get sad when their siblings leave?

Yes. The cat stayed develops a sense of emotion with their siblings. They become attached. If one of a sibling is not around, they show compassion and try to find the siblings in the home.

The cats are very sensitive to the relationship they bond with another cat. Like a human, they find difficult to stay alone.

If the cat separated from the sibling, they start feeling anxious. You will see their behavior change drastically.

 It may take cat few weeks to become normal and get back to normal behavior.

If you separate the kitten from their sibling and keep them alone, they feel scary. The kitten likes to play with their siblings, and if the siblings are not around, they feel uneasy.

You will see the stay in the corner in the fearful condition. They will start to produce meowing sound to call their mother.

Kittens would not have much experience dealing in the different situations that put them alone in the cat box.

It will be difficult for them to understand what is going on around them. Some kittens stop eating when they are separated from their sibling.

You will see they develop a health problem. Slowly the kitten develops compassion for their owner, who feeds them. They will start playing with you.

Stay close to the owner and try to nudge them.

Does adult cat miss their siblings?

A cat that pairs with its sibling would develop a strong bond with the year pass. They continue living together unit they find their territory. Generally, cats are calm and do not like to express their emotion on the face. They will follow normal routines even after they are separated from their sibling.

That’s doesn’t mean they do not care about their sibling. A cat who has grown with its sibling would miss the partner when not around.

Therefore, many adoption centers prefer adopting out siblings in pairs as they know the one cat will not live without the sibling. They develop serious health problems.

Do cat spends time with their sibling?

You may notice when no one around in the home, the cat spends time with their sibling playing in the home. Both try to explore the things place in the home. They roam around the home together and spend time with each other. They enjoy their mealtime together.

When the siblings are separated from each other, they look dull, and they will sense something missing.

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They will try to find their sibling by producing a meowing sound. You will notice them moving around the home looking for the sibling.

They desperately search for their sibling as they are emotionally connected. Similar to humans, they may be crying from inside.

Some cats become afraid (like to water pools) of their sibling making an abnormal sound when alone, thinking the sibling will hear them and come back.

How Cats Grieve and Cope With Loss of their Sibling?

It is common behavior to see in the cat when they see their sibling is not around. A cat develops a strong connection between its siblings. They spend a good amount of time playing, eating a meal, and exploring the things around them. When they find their sibling has not turned for the meal, they become concerned about it.

Little attention needs to be paid to find what your cat is going through when its siblings are not around.

Cat is seen as an independent animal. They do not show much expression on their face, which some time misunderstood.

They are wild animals, but they also develop a sense of connection and bonding with their sibling.

The connection can be observed when they are a kitten. When you keep their sibling away from them, they start behaving unusually.

They develop anxiety and make different types of noise to find their siblings. If the mother is not around, the kitten will be producing a loud sound to call their mother.

Similar to the human, it takes time for the cat to get back to the normal condition. They keep searching in the home and another place to find their siblings.

You will notice they stay calm and mostly quiet when they come to the home after it has lost the sibling. The cat will feel alone in the home as it wanted to spend time with the sibling.

Now she may have no one play or chase in the home.

If you try to play with them using the toys like a ball or something, it will not show much interest because she has developed the habit of playing with the sibling from childhood.

The cat will be depressed and may not act like earlier.

Are kittens sad after being separated from their siblings and mother?

Yes. When cats are separated from their sibling, they will find the place hostile without their siblings or mother. Like a human, they develop anxiety and seek a partner.

The sibling with whom they have spent years roaming around the place, if suddenly the sibling disappears, the cat starts looking for their sibling all around the place.

You may hear their meowing sound in the home when they are trying to communicate with their siblings.

Mothers care for their babies even the cat turns to a fully grown-up or adult cat. You will see the mother cat grooming the adult cat like she was doing when they were a kitten.

A cat develops the care and love for its siblings and mother as they spend more time together. The bond becomes stronger as the years pass.

When they are separated from each other, it takes them few weeks to recover from the situation. Kitten cries desperately when their mother is not around.

They stop eating and are mostly seen as afraid of surrounding and noise. When you hold the kitten, they will be shivering with a scare. They are looking for their mother to protect them.

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From the few days of separation, the cat comes to know that their mom is not going to come back. They are on their own.

Also, cats instinctively know that if they keep producing loud sounds, they may attract predators who may try to kill them. So they become quiet and look for a safe place to stay.

Some cars try to stay close to their owner, thinking the owner will protect them if anything goes wrong.

Normally, the cat jumps on the bed and goes inside the bed sheet to stay close to the owner at night. It provides them a hiding place, and also, they feel safe around the owner.

They develop empathy for the owner and try to build a relationship with the owner that lasts longer. But that doesn’t take away the sorrow that they keep inside and keeping moving in life.

Things get better as the days pass, and you will notice the change in the behavior of the cat. She again will be joyful in life and enjoy the company of the owner.

Cats are similar to humans when it comes to getting separated from their siblings.

They naturally feel sadness in the deep heart, which can be seen in their day-to-day lives. A fully grown cat follows the normal routine and tries to be as normal in bad condition. 


Every wild animal has a strong emotional side that triggers when someone close to them is missing. The kitten also develops such strong feelings with their siblings while spending daily activities.

They try to be together all the time, making each other happy. You will see them playing in the home, jumping on each other, eating together, and staying with the Mom.

When kittens are around their mother, they will be more joyful and safe. When kittens are separated from their siblings, they become scared.

It would be difficult for them to stay in the unknown territory without their mother or sibling.

They need someone to take care of. If both of them are not available, the scare reaches to the serious health problem.

When you are adopting the cat, always ask if the cat has a sibling. Do not buy the cat without siblings. They might not survive without their siblings as they get emotional and lost their sense of life.

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