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You might have seen a video of a hamster eating candlewax, or your hamster might have just eaten some! For whatever reason you are here, you clearly want to know why hamsters eat candlewax, and can they eat it? If you are here for the latter reason, don’t worry, candlewax isn’t necessarily toxic for your hamster. It really does depend on the type of candlewax. Hamsters are known to eat this wax in the wild and it will therefore probably be safe for them.

We’ll be looking at if hamsters can eat this and why they shouldn’t eat it, even if it isn’t toxic! We will also be looking at the toxicity of candlewax and what to do if you think your hamster has eaten it!

What is Candlewax?

Candlewax is what’s used in all of our candles. There are a lot of different types: Paraffin wax, soy wax, palm wax and other types such as gel wax! The type of wax actually can tell you if the wax is toxic to hamsters. We use candle wax a lot in our lives, we wouldn’t have wonderfully scented candles if we didn’t have wax!

Why do hamsters eat candlewax

Can Hamsters eat Candlewax?

The answer really does depend on the type of wax. Normal, natural, wax is completely fine but the problem comes from cheaper candles. This is because cheaper candles don’t actually use wax, they use gal wax which could cause some problems for hamsters. Here are all the different types of wax and if we think your hamster should be able to eat it

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is the form of wax which is found in most candles. It can be a problem for hamsters as it has been known to give off toxic fumes. Check out our guide below if your hamster has eaten some of this.

Gel Wax

Gel Wax is where some of the problems show up. It isn’t made from natural wax which means that hamsters might have some problems eating it. The resin inside the gel wax could be an issue, but if they haven’t had a huge amount then it should be fine.

Soy Wax

Soy wax is fine for your hamster to eat if they accidentally ingest it. It’s made from soybeans which are fine for your hamster to eat. Just make sure that you don’t actually feed it to your hamster on purpose.

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Palm Wax

Palm Wax is naturally made which means that it shouldn’t have any problems for your hamster. They still shouldn’t eat it though. The primary issue with palm wax is that it can hurt the environment so we don’t recommend it for that reason!

Why do hamsters like candlewax?

You might be wondering why your hamster is attracted to candlewax, after all, we don’t like it! Let’s look at some of the reasons why they might enjoy this!

It’s full of calories!

One of the primary reasons why they love candlewax is that it is packed with calories! In the wild, this would help them survive for a long time without any other food source! Hamsters don’t understand that you will constantly feed them!

They love to eat!

Hamsters simply love to eat, they will eat most things that they are given! My hamster once found a cough drop on the floor, I had to charge over because he was trying to eat it! Our furry friends will simply always look to eat this substance because it’s there for them to eat!

To give them extra energy

The fact that candlewax is packed full of calories means that your hamster feels that eating it will give them lots of energy for the future, and they are right! However, it’s not very nutritious!

Can you feed your hamster candlewax?

In terms of feeding your hamster candlewax as part of their diet, it’s not a good idea. This guide is simply to advise you if your hamster has accidentally eaten some of this substance. Some of the reasons that your furry friend can’t eat this wax are:

  • It’s full of calories. This means that your hamster could quickly put on weight and possibly become obese!
  • It can be toxic – it really does depend on the addictive and sometimes it is hard to know exactly if it is safe
  • It’s not very nutritious – It has calories but that’s it. Your hamster could have a nutritional deficiency if they eat too much
  • It’s very filling – Your hamster simply won’t have enough room for anything else.
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What to do if your hamster has eaten toxic candlewax

So, most candlewax is not toxic. However, we know that some types of wax, such as paraffin and gel, could have some serious problems for your hamster. How can you figure out if they are having issues though? Check out our tips below.

Watch their behaviour.

Hamsters can sometimes give you an idea if something is wrong with your body. Check out some of these physical signs:

  • Laziness, also known as lethargy
  • Sudden loss of weight
  • Loss of fur
  • Stumbling when walking
  • Lack of eating/drinking

If they have some of these issues after eating candlewax. Take them to a vet and explain the situation.

Check their poo and pee.

A hamster’s poo can often give signs about its health. We’ve already talked about checking your hamster’s pee colour. Check if the poo is runny or if is a different colour. If this is the case then you should consider taking them to a vet.

Make sure they have water.

Ensuring that your hamster has water is extremely important for helping them flush any toxins out of their body. Water can help them get healthier and improve their body. Ensure that your furry friend has fresh water that is always topped up!

Call a vet

If you think your hamster is experiencing some problems due to eating candle wax, consider taking them to the vet. I’m just a hamster owner, not a vet, so a vet will always be the best source for advice on this kind of issues!

Conclusion – Why do hamsters eat candlewax?

We hope we have answered all of your questions on this complex question. Candlewax is generally not toxic but it can cause some issues if it is made out of paraffin or gel, this is because of the toxic compounds within it. Organic candlewax, such as soy wax, is a lot better for your furry friend. In the end, you still shouldn’t feed them it! It’s not got a lot of nutrients and it can fill them up quickly.

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