How To Make Your Cat Fat And Fluffy

We all love fat and fluffy cats. Aren’t we?

However, your cat may not be much fluffy or fat. So, you are here to check the best way to make your cat fatten up and fluffy. Right?

Here, throughout this article, I’ll explain the process you need to follow. Most importantly, the proper way without hurting your cat’s health.

The Point One – Determine whether it is good or bad for your cat

If your cat is a healthy one with average body fat, then it is not recommended to give extra weight gain food at all. You maybe wanted to have a fat cat. However, more fat means more problems in your cats’ health.

Over weight cats can have many illnesses, such as common diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

However, the main reason behind this requirement of fattening up is totally independent of your personal expectation, then you can follow our steps to give some fat to your cat.

Anyhow, if you wondering to figure out the correct situation that needs this kind of approach, here are few examples for better understanding;

  • If your cat has kittens, then she may need extra body fat. Since she is feeding her babies, her body fat can reduce from normal level.
  • Do you have multiple cats in your home? If so, how do you give food? In to one dish. Then one of your cat may be get bullied from others and can be resulted to have a slim body.
  • Dental problem. Losing a tooth recently.
  • Is your cat too old? Then also cats can have reduced appetite.
  • Sudden loss of weight can indicate stress, disease, or parasite inside your cat.
  • Your cat’s fur coat seems unkempt or dull.
  • The cat’s body ribs and hips are quite protruding unnaturally.

If you assume you need to add extra fat and fluffiness into your cat is related or similar to something like above factors, then it is acceptable do so.

However, please be careful about the disease-related reasons where sudden weight loss appeared. It is our advice to take your cat to a veterinarian before making any significant changes in your cat diet, if it is medical reason.

The Point Two – Plan a healthy diet

To make your cat fat and fluffy, the main difference you should do is providing wholesome food.

A complete diet will ensure the overall health of your cat (read why your cat eat cat litter). So it will ensure the proper growth of cat coat, nails, teeth together with body weight.

To plan a healthy diet, you can use the following tips where it is possible.

Premium food items

If you are quite busy and did not have time to make DIY food items, then this will be the best option. Premium cat food (Buy on Chewy) is different from the typical cat foods. These food products tend to have much more protein and nutrients than others.

You can compare the ingredients in the food items just by checking their labels. Mostly, these premium food items available in veterinarians or pet food stores.

When you reading the label of your premium cat food, do not forget to check what its’ main ingredient. If it is the type of grain or meat by-product, then we do not have much help with that item.

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You should go for high protein type ingredients such as turkey, chicken, fish, lamb or beef. The top protein products tend to increase not only cats’ weight but also its’ furry coat too.

There is another TIP to gain protein quickly. Its kitten food (Buy on Chewy). The kitten food is specially manufactured with the ingredients, which help to increase fat and fluffiness.

Similar to human babies, cat babies also require an extra healthy diet. So, kitten foods consist of more protein and fat compared to typical adult cat foods.

Further, few treats in between main meals can add extra calories to your cat. When giving these treats, always try to go for high protein treats such as egg whites, cheese or yogurt.

As we mentioned in this section, when you try to make your cat fat and fluffy, you need to pay attention to main protein and fat supplements.

But, do not forget that in a balanced healthy diet, the minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids also play a significant role.

For a fluffy coat and proper hair growth, zinc mineral is vital. Vitamins are essential for overall appearance in skin, hair and immune system.

Encourage hunger using flavors and treats

Usually, cats do not need to encourage for their meal. There are pretty much self-motivated.

However, in some cases, your cat may not pay much attention to its meal. In this kind of situation, you can provide some food stimulate by introducing different flavor add-ins such as fish oil or tuna saman.

There are some specially made gravy cat food items available in pet stores just for this purpose too.

Heating cat food is another way to increase appetite. When heating, cat food will produce an intensify smell that cats cannot resist.

However, keep in mind not to heat too much. It should be just a little. Too much heat can destroy the minerals and vitamins in food items.

DIY cat food are always work

Scramble eggs are one of the best and comfortable DIY food item for your cat. There are full of fat and protein. When preparing the scrambled eggs, pay attention to thoroughly cook without using salt, pepper, and butter.

Moreover, tuna, beef, and chicken are good alternatives for eggs. One more thing, you do not need to give these meat foods frequently. It is not a good health practice. Just keep it small and infrequent.

Cats require a lot of water along with their food

When dry food makes up the majority of a cat’s diet, their lack of a strong thirst drive results in low-level, chronic dehydration. Remember that even the cheapest canned food is preferable to any dry food available. Compared to canned meals, which have an average water content of 78 percent, dry foods only have a 7–10% water content. As a result, canned foods better mimic a cat’s normal diet and are better adapted to satisfy its thirst for water.

When compared to a cat consuming canned food, the cat eating dry food drinks about half as much water. When one considers how frequent kidney and bladder issues are in cats, this is an important aspect.

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Please be aware that your cat’s pee production will greatly increase—often doubling—when he begins eating a more correctly hydrated diet of canned food, which is excellent for his bladder health.

The Point Three – Continue the process and monitor the cat health closely

Once you have planned your cat meal, you have to consist of it for several weeks.

Stay closely and monitor your cat for any change. Sometimes, big difference in cat food can trigger food allergies.

Update your vet regarding the significant diet changes that you have done. It is always good to take safety measures before anything terrible happens.

You may have to change the feeding process depends on the situation you are in;

  • If your cat is bullied by other cats, then you need to feed him separately. Otherwise, your attempts may not succeed.
  • For a profoundly sick cat, sometimes you need to feed with a syringe (with your vet’s instruction) till getting his own strength.
  • For a cat mom, you have to increase her number of meals per day. She had to feed her kittens, and a lot of her strength will drain during that period.
  • When dealing with disease and parasite cases, discuss with your vet to plan your high protein diet plan together with pills to fight the disease.

After the two weeks period, measure the weight of your cat. Keep a note about weight gain speed. It can take few months to achieve fat and fluffy look. Sometimes, without a track record, you won’t able to see a difference.

Final Thought

In our cat journey, we saw that many cat lovers search the ways for “how to make your cat fat and fluffy” query. With intensive analysis and experiences, we have composed this guide to achieve this expectation properly without hurting your cats’ health. The main TIP we need to give you is high protein diet plan with consist monitoring.

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