How Much does a Pygmy Goat Cost – Price Breakdown

How much does a pygmy goat cost? is burning question by goat lovers. There is not a quick answer about owing cost and monthly expenses. However different factors can bring estimation about the cost of a pygmy goat.

Pygmy goats, a part of class Mammalia, are liked for keeping as pets because of their outgoing personality.

Because of their compact size, they are also called Dwarf goats in some areas of the world. They are usually kept on farmlands but they can live on plains and hillsides too.

Their eye-catching sight has even made their way to the zoo as well in some countries. Their size generally stays somewhere between 20 to 40 inches. They are found in medium brown, dark brown, and black colors.

How Much Does a Pygmy Goat Cost?

Pygmy goats cost around 40$ to 80$. However depending on state taxes and availability, pygmy can cost up to 350$. Monthly expenses like living costs feed costs, and veterinary expenses can cost you around 200$.

Numerous factors contribute to determining the cost of an animal. Pedigree, size, color, and sex are major determinants in pricing an animal. Pygmy goats are one of the sought-after breeds as they make loveable pets and valuable addition to the herd.

Reputable for their outgoing and friendly disposition, pygmy goats have made a name for themselves among the buyers. They can be categorized as low-maintenance animals owing to their adaptability to a variety of weather conditions.

Pygmy Goat Price

Like all other pets and animals, their price depends on their size, gender, age, and ability to breed.

The pygmy goat price ranges from $75 to $400. A buyer can get unregistered animals with prices as little as $40 – $50.

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The cost of the weather, also known as castrated billy, is limited between $125 – $175 while mature male and female pygmy goats are sold at double price.

Faulted or injured goats will fetch lower prices. Any male or female pygmy goats with signs of undesirable characteristics fail to capture the market at a higher price.

Types of Pygmy Goats

Each type of pygmy goat is priced differently. Here is the average purchase price a buyer has to bear for each type.

Neutered Male goats

Neutered male goats are those who have been castrated or had their testicles removed. The prices of these infertile pygmy goats are confined within the realm of $50 – $100.

Registered Buck

Buck, a sexually mature male goat used for breeding, is priced around $150 – $175. A registered goat has recorded ancestry for a buyer to study.

Registered Doeling

Doeling is a female goat under a year of age and sexually immature. Registered Doelings corner the market and are generally sold within the realm of $225 to $400.

Retired/Older Male Female goats

Goats have a life expectancy of 10 – 12 years. Their productivity starts to wane when they reach the age of 6 to 7 years. Older goats are not the most coveted therefore are priced around $50 – $100.

Unregistered Buck

A sexually mature male goat with no record of lineage costs within the range of $75 – $150.

Unregistered Doeling

The absence of recorded pedigree does not work in Doeling’s favor. They are generally sold at an average price of $100 to $150.

Wethers: Wether, a male buck castrated at a young age, is unable to procreate. They are usually bought around the price range of $75 – $125.

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Upkeep Cost

Several expenses make up the upkeep costs. Feeding, sheltering, Vaccinations, and other medical aid costs are required in upbringing a pygmy goat. A buyer has to set aside a yearly cost of living other than the purchase price.

  • Feed cost: Pygmy goats require a sufficient supply of hay and grains. A budget of around $300 must be set for the feed.
  • Hooves Care: Hooves of a pygmy goat need trimming every eight weeks which costs about $25 to $50 when done by a professional.
  • Medical cost: Vaccinations, tests, regular checkups may be expensed around $25 a year.

Care Requirements Cost


A little 8’x6′  furnished home with an electric bulb and a fence minimum 4 inches high is ideal for them to live in. They are a little sensitive to whether they need a cozy environment to stay healthy in winter and a cool shady area to play around in summer.


  They like eating hay, twigs, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and bark. They should be kept away from the rhododendron, yew, honeysuckle, walnut, and such other poisonous plants.


Mating before the age of 18 months is possible but very undesirable. Kids can be separated from their mothers at 10 or 11 weeks of age. Their gestation period is 150 days approximately.


They need the following to live a balanced healthy life:

  • vaccination for enterotoxaemia.
  • Hooves must be trimmed every four to six weeks.
  • Anti-lice treatment in autumn and spring.
  • They need to be checked for worms at least twice a year.
pygmy goat price

Final Words

Pygmy goats are usually up for sale when they are around 8 to 12 weeks old. Every buyer holds a different purpose in mind when buying a pygmy, some want it for goat milk while others want it for breeding purposes. It’s up to the buyer to buy a goat that fits the bill as goats of different sizes, ages, and breeds are priced differently. Friendly behavior and adaptability make pygmy goats reputable among buyers.

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