Hamster Sleep Guide – How Long Do Hamsters Sleep For?

Hamster Sleep Guide - How Long Do Hamsters Sleep For?

Welcome to our complete guide to the sleeping hamster! Answering that all important question how long do hamsters sleep for? And when should we be concerned about the amount of sleep they are getting? Hamsters are SO cute. And just when you are watching your wide-awake hamster and think he can’t possibly get any cuter, he dozes off. Voila! He gets even cuter! Whether we are talking about human sleep or non-human sleep, the entire science and study of sleep’s purpose and function in life is still quite new. But we do know one thing – sleep is just as …

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Can Hamsters Eat Oranges?

can hamsters eat oranges

Many people who have hamsters are worried about the food they provide for them, especially when it comes to what to give them and in what quantities. Very often I have heard the question: Can hamsters eat oranges? The answer is very simple: not everything that we can eat is good for our hamsters too. Can Hamsters Eat Oranges? Why Not? To begin with, oranges are very acidic for your hamster. Like all the others citrus fruits, it will cause him a distress of the tummy or even diarrhea. Protect your little pet and try not to give it any …

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Can Hamsters Eat Almonds? – (Risks/Benefits)

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds

Almonds are a delightful and healthy food that hamsters should eat on a regular basis. Can hamsters eat almonds? Many people ask this topic since we know hamsters like eating seeds like hemp and pumpkin seeds. The good news is that hamsters can indeed consume almonds. However, make sure your hamster only gets delicious almonds! Although the amount varies on the kind of hamster you have, hamsters may be a delightful and healthy treat for your hamster. What are almonds? Almonds are a fruit that most of us are familiar with. They are edible seeds that originated in Iran and …

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