Discover the World’s Oldest Chicken

Discover the World's Oldest Chicken

Chickens are a type of bird that was first domesticated more than 10,000 years ago. Today, chickens are a common sight around the world as they are frequently bred for eggs and meat. Chickens are the most populous birds on the planet, with billions of them raised in captivity and living in the wild. These fowl are easily identified by their comb and wattle, somewhat diminutive size, and unique strut. Interestingly, as domesticated animals, their lifespan can vary quite a bit, so we’re going to take a look at the oldest chicken that has ever lived and see how they …

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Can Chickens Eat Papaya? Benefits and Risks

Can Chickens Eat Papaya

Gone are the days when our pets and farm animals used to get the same old boring feed every day. As the world made progress, we discovered what is and what is not healthy for us, our thorough research has added several human food items to our farm animals and birds’ diet as well.  Papaya, a rewarding fruit belonging to the family of Caricaceae, originates from the tropics of America, Central America, and Southern Mexico mainly. Papaya plants are known for quick fruiting, as the owners normally begin reaping the benefits within 3 years of its cultivation. Several million tons …

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