Can Chickens Eat Asparagus? What You Need to Know!

a crate of asparagus

Asparagus is a rather odd-looking vegetable with an odd name. If you’re wondering if chickens can eat asparagus, the answer is yes, they can. Chickens can eat asparagus, both in raw and cooked form and they enjoy eating it. But before you start feeding asparagus to your chickens, you should know that they should only consume asparagus as a treat. Your flock’s diet should mainly consist of a good commercial feed to ensure your chickens are getting all the important nutrients they need. Chickens need to eat high-quality feed to ensure their good health. Therefore, asparagus should only be fed …

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22 Heritage Chicken Breeds with Photos

The heritage chicken breed is genetically stable in fulfilling the meat and egg requirements. The members of this large family are non-hybrid, hardy, and natural-mating.  According to the American Poultry Association, the breed that can be mated naturally has a productive outdoor lifespan, and a slow growth rate falls into this category. The heritage chicken breed has been living with us for a long time but still knowing all of them seems impossible as they are large in number. There are so many reasons heritage chickens are famous for. Let’s have a look at these three common ones: 1. They …

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Can Chicken Eat Green Beans?

Can Chicken Eat Green Beans

During a random visit to my friend’s garden, I saw his hens eating green beans straight from the green bean plant. It made me think that are green beans safer for chickens? Should I give them to my chicken too? Did I ask my friend plenty of questions that can chicken eat green beans? Are green beans safer? And How much?Got all the details on the subject. If these questions are buzzing in your mind then keep reading this resource. Green beans are a young form of any variety of beans. They are nutritional and easily available. As everyone tries …

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Mosaic Chicken: Characteristics, Colors, and Facts

mosaic chicken

I recently visited my friend’s farm with my nephew, he has kept beautiful Mosaic chickens. Ever since then, my nephew has been hell-bent on getting one. I had never seen this breed before or heard of it. Chances are high that you may have not known this chicken breed as well. I was not aware of Mosaic’s history, habitat, feeding, and other habits. I had kept Rhode Island and Leghorn chicken before, those were beautiful breeds with quality meat. Rhode and Leghorn stayed on the farm for good six months, but an unfortunate event happened that led to their death. …

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Can Chickens Eat Raisins?

Can Chickens Eat Raisins

Are you new to the chicken world? If yes, we bet you would be preparing a definitive list of healthy chicken treats as these naive birds would pretty much eat anything given to them. As you are compiling a list, it’s natural to stumble upon unique yet popular food snacks like Raisins. And, you stop for a second that this sweet yet sour treat, is it good for the chickens? Can chickens eat raisins? When it comes to feeding treats, most poultry farmers are cautious of the health benefits and dangers of different treats. When introducing a new snack like …

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