Can Chickens Eat Quinoa? 3 Ways to Feed

Can Chickens Eat Quinoa

Have you ever admired quinoa for the flavor and the nutritional value it contains while taking a spoon in your mouth? You might have. Quinoa is the healthiest for all of God’s creations; especially humans, animals, and birds.  We have seen humans and animals snacking on Quinoa. Have you ever noticed it being served in the chicken feeder? Well, you rarely have. Does that mean chickens can eat quinoa? Does that mean it is safe for chickens? Does that mean you can feed quinoa to your backyard flock as well? It’s time to find out.  Related Can Chickens Eat Papaya? …

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Columbian Rock Chicken Breed: Facts and Origin

Columbian Rock Chicken

When we look for a dual-purpose chicken, many breeds come to our mind. Possible options are shortlisted, the comparison is done to get the hardiest, friendliest, and more importantly the best dual-purpose chicken breed home. Columbian Rock is one of the few chicken breeds that come to our mind at that time. Columbian Rock is a forgiving chicken breed that mostly ends up being chosen. Therefore, there must be a reason why Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Rhode Island, Australorp, Sussex, Brahma, silkies, Delaware, Brown leghorn well summer Chantecler, Cochin, and some other dual-purpose chicken breeds fail to meet up the …

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Can Chickens Eat Eggplant? 3 Ways to Feed

Can Chickens Eat Eggplant

Can Chickens eat eggplant? Many chicken owners are asking this question whether chickens like eggplants or are toxic for them. Eggplant is not a common treat for kids but many backyard owners like to keep this option open. It is not a popular veggie among human beings and is not liked for its taste. It is considered a vegetable but most people are unaware that it’s technically a fruit. Every flock, breed, and individual chickens have their preferences and liking for a certain fruit, veggies, and snacks. Eggplants, aubergine, or brinjal can be eaten by the chickens as they are …

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Do Mallard Ducks Mate for Life?

Do Mallard Ducks Mate for Life

Mallard ducks have an extraordinary sex life, which makes people seeking more facts about them. Sticking to the mallard ducks mating habits, people often ask me, do mallard ducks mate for life?. I have farming experience of livestock’ animals and birds like ducks and chickens. I experienced a lot of uncommon mating habits of mallards during the past years when I kept them at my farm. That interesting habit urged me to seek more knowledge about mallard ducks. Not only the ducks have interesting sex habits, but they do have a truly unique lifestyle. They mate with other species too …

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Cinnamon Queen Chicken Breed Characteristics & Facts

Cinnamon Queen Chicken

If you have decided to add a Cinnamon Queen Chicken to the flock, well, Good Decision! As they are not only profitable to keep but also add color and beauty to the flock like Mosaic chicken. Poultry farmers and backyard chicken owners are in awe of the breed’s ability to lay eggs and their friendly demeanor. Even though these chickens are quite popular among farmers and locals, still, you can not find much about them on the Internet. People looking for some important information are often left wondering how to know certain things about the breed. Potential CQ chicken owners …

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