Mini Macaws As Pets: Species & Things to Know (with Pictures)

Baby Macaw Newborn

Mini macaws are smaller variants of the macaw parrot. Several different species fall under the guise of mini macaw, and these parrots are considered to make good pets because they are friendly, fun, and exciting little birds that tolerate and welcome being handled. However, they do require some work on the part of the owner to ensure that they remain happy and friendly. They may be smaller in size than their fully-fledged macaw counterparts, but they still have many of the same physical and mental requirements and they certainly aren’t a bird that can be left in the corner and …

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Do Pigeons Make Good Pets? What You Need to Know!

pigeon resting on rail

Birds are beautiful and fascinating. They come in different sizes, not to mention colors. And let’s not forget about their songs! If you’ve been debating about adding a new pet to your household and have been thinking about making it a bird, obviously, there’s a lot to choose from. But what about pigeons? Do pigeons make good pets? Absolutely! Pigeons have been kept as pets for centuries and have been used for racing and as messengers. We’ll go over why they make such great pets, as well as some information on some of the basic requirements to take care of a …

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Severe (Chestnut-Fronted) Macaw: Traits, History & Care (with Pictures)

Severe Macaw

A beautiful bird native to South America, the Severe (Chestnut-Fronted) Macaw Bird is a popular pet choice for many. It’s a parrot native to Central and South America, specifically living in pairs or flocks within tropical forests. The severe macaw is the biggest of the “mini macaws.” It has a large beak used for cracking nuts and seeds and eating fruits as well. These intelligent and curious birds can live up to 80 years with proper care. The Severe macaw’s scientific name is Ara Severus, and it comes from the word ‘severus,’ which means severe. The bird received this name …

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Green-Winged Macaw: Traits, History, Food & Care (with Pictures)

Green-winged macaw close up

The Green-Winged Macaw is the second largest species of parrots known to be in existence. At up to 36 inches in length, these birds are impressive in looks and personality. They are known for their social dispositions and interactive personalities, which are just a couple of reasons that they are such popular pets. Referred to as a gentle giant by many, the Green-Winged Macaw tends to be calm and patient when interacting with human companions. These birds are unique and interesting, which tends to make people extremely interested in them. Here are all the other things that you should know …

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How Much Does a Lorikeet Cost? (Price Guide 2022)

Lorikeet close up_Pixabay

You can’t find a bird much more colorful than a Lorikeet. Their bright blues and oranges make them unforgettable. It’s hard to pass by one in the pet store without stopping to take a look. Still, you shouldn’t purchase these birds on a whim. There are high costs that go into owning these birds – especially when you account for their long lifespan. They may be small, but that doesn’t mean that the cost of owning one is small. Purchasing the lorikeet itself isn’t all that expensive. Usually, you can find these birds for pretty cheap at a local pet …

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