Can Goats Eat Christmas Trees?

It’s been weeks since Christmas is gone however yet the Christmas decorations are still not taken down. The lights and all can still be left hanging, however, the Christmas tree needs to be taken down.

It is believed that keeping the Christmas tree even after the 12th night would bring bad luck to the family.

There are a million ways to dispose of Christmas trees. You can replant the tree, send it to recycle, drop it in the forest, or feed it to the animals.

Out of all the ways of disposing of the Christmas tree, we prefer feeding it to animals. It’s the easiest and the safest way of disposing of the Christmas tree.

Goats are one of the few animals that are not that hard to find. So, feeding Christmas trees to goats seems like a fine idea.

Can Goats Eat Christmas Trees?

Yes, goats can eat Christmas trees. Goats, African elephants, Bengal tigers, Andean bears, lions, red deers, and even chickens are often noticed eating Christmas trees.

Feeding the Christmas tree would be the safest and healthiest for the said animal and the environment.

Feed in moderation

The Christmas tree can be offered as a one-time meal but overfeeding should be avoided. A big Christmas tree should be given to six or seven adult goats to eat.

Feeding it to one goat can cause toxicity, so make sure the goats get to eat it in moderation.

Do goats like eating Christmas trees?

Yes, goats love eating Christmas trees. They do a little happy dance to appreciate the gesture.

If they have to choose between the Christmas tree and the forage, they would pick a Christmas tree to eat.

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How Safe is it to Feed?

Well, that’s the hardest question to answer. No matter which species of pine or fir tree is used, how organically it is raised, the Christmas tree would never be as safe as forage.

Good idea for pregnant and lactating goats

The Christmas tree can only act as an appetizer and health booster for goats that are neither pregnant nor have babies to lactate.

The pine tree has got the reputation of causing abortion and premature deliveries.

So, for the sake of your goat’s health avoid feeding the Christmas tree if the animal is pregnant or lactating.

Is there any solid proof that goats can eat Christmas trees?

What’s else would be more convincing than that a real Christmas tree is made of the healthiest pine or fir.

To be more specific, scotch pine, douglas fir, noble fir, Fraser fir, balsam fir, Virginia pine, and white pine are cut off to build a Christmas tree to perfection.

All these trees are safe for the goats so that’s one valid proof that goats can eat Christmas trees. Learn Can Goats Eat Bamboo?

Feed other Treats

Safety Considerations for Feeding Christmas Tree

It must not be forgotten that not all species of pine and fir tree are safe for the goats. The chemicals used in upbringing can adversely affect the goat’s health. So, know the origin and the history to make sure it’s safe or not.

Most of the time Christmas trees are sprayed with pesticides to keep the bugs away. Pesticides contain harsh chemicals that might not be good for the goat’s health.

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So, ask the retailer if he has used any sort of chemical to lock the freshness and keep the bugs away? If any harsh chemical is used, send the tree to recycle instead of feeding it to the goats.

The pine or fir becomes a Christmas tree when it is decorated. So, you need to make sure that the goats get to eat pine or fire trees alone, not the decorative items.

It’s better to plan how Christmas trees are disposed of. If you think feeding it to the animals is the best way to dispose of the tree, do not use scents or anything that can potentially harm the poor goats.

Do not wait too long, be as quick in feeding as possible. The tree loses freshness in a few days, so you have to feed it before that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do goats eat Christmas trees?

Yes, goats are not picky eaters. They do not mind eating Christmas trees at all. The Christmas tree is made of pine or fir, they eat pine trees all year round whenever they get the chance.

It’s hard to tell without knowing which species of pine or fir is used. However, it is generally believed that the Christmas tree contains a good amount of magnesium, zinc, protein, and iron.

Is Christmas tree bad for goats?

Christmas tree is not bad for goats but it is not as good as forage either. The chemicals and scents that are sprayed to lock the freshness are what harm the animals.

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In brief, goats can eat Christmas trees but in moderation. pregnant and lactating goats should not eat Christmas trees as it causes abortions and premature delivery.

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