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Guppies are a type of tropical fish which are native to Australia, Indonesia, and parts of Asia. They are also known as Cory’s catfish, because of their resemblance to the common freshwater catfish.

They came in a wide variety of colors and sizes, but they all share certain characteristics such as small size, bright colors, and a rounded, domed body.

Guppies are carnivorous fish that feed on other fish, insects, and other aquatic life. Their diet consists mainly of small invertebrates, but they do eat fish and some will even eat dead fish.

The guppy is a very sociable fish, and it will usually live in a group of five or more. The group will consist of both males and females, and the adults will usually be larger than the juveniles.

In captivity, the lifespan of the guppy is around two to three years, but if the guppies are not properly maintained, then their lifespan can get up to five years. The lifespan in the wild, however, is estimated to be between eight to 15 years.

Procedures to Create A Tropical Environment In Your Tank For Guppies

Everyone is aware that it is important to provide proper care for your guppies. They are not only cute, but they are also very intelligent and playful. So, it is necessary that you provide the best living environment for them.

Guppies can be very easily maintained and also very expensive. If you have a small aquarium, then you may need to spend some money on it. But if you have a large aquarium, then you can have easy maintenance.

You need to know how to create a tropical environment for your guppies so that they don’t feel bored in the tank. Here are some guidelines that will help you to create a tropical environment in your tank.

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Use Tropical Plants

It is very important that you use tropical plants for the tank as they will give them a tropical look. So, if you have any plants in your home or office, then you should buy some more. You can find them on the internet or even you can make your own.

Fruit trees are one of the best plants for guppies. Guppies love eating fruit and also they will grow fast with the help of fruits. So, if you are planning to add fruit trees in your tank, then make sure you provide some water in the tank, as the trees will need water.

Add Some Rocks And Gravel

Rocks and gravel will add a natural look to your tank. So, if you have a small aquarium, then it is better to add some of these things to your tank. It will help your guppies to have a nice and natural habitat.

You can use any kind of stone or pebbles. But don’t use any hard and sharp stones, because they can hurt the guppies. So, make sure you buy stones that are soft enough to be used in the tank.

Use A Heater

It is important that you provide proper care for your guppies and also keep them warm. If you don’t have a heater in your tank, then you should get one for your tank. A heater will help your guppies to have a nice and natural environment.

You can buy one from the online store, but if you are not able to buy it, then you can always make your own using an aquarium heater. You can make one at home using the components available at your home.

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Caring For Guppies

Guppies are very easy to care for, but you should know that they require different care than other types of fish. Puppies need a lot of space, so make sure that you have enough tank space and enough water. Guppies also like to hide, so you should provide hiding places for them.

The diet for guppies is very important. If you want guppies to grow big, then you should feed them plenty of flake food and frozen bloodworms. Guppies need at least 20 percent live foods in their diets, and live foods should be offered every two days.

When it comes to temperatures, guppies will not do well with cold water. They will not do well in temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and they will not survive temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan on keeping guppies in an aquarium, then you should consider adding a heater.

In addition to the temperature, guppies require a certain amount of oxygen. The best way to ensure that the tank has enough oxygen is by placing a large number of plants in the tank. In addition, you can also place a piece of fleece in the tank to increase the surface area.

Guppies are very hardy fish, and they can withstand a wide range of water conditions. Guppies will thrive in water that contains no ammonia or nitrite, and you should avoid using any products that contain these substances. If you want guppies to stay healthy, then you should also avoid the use of any pharmaceutical drugs.

Health Benefits Of Guppies

Guppies are very beneficial as they have the ability to control the pollution in the water by eating organic matter. They eat the waste of the fish tank and keep the water clean.

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Guppies are also very useful in reducing stress and depression. They help to increase the concentration and alertness of children as they will be engaged with the guppy.

The guppies will be a good choice for you if you have small kids and you want them to get entertained. Guppies will be a perfect pet for kids and you will feel happy if you will have guppies as a pet.

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